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Hot Coffee

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100.00 Nu.

"Indulge in the Richness of Every Sip."

Flavoured Latte

100.00 Nu.

"Crafted to Perfection, Sip by Sip."

Hot chocolate

130.00 Nu.

"Savor the Sweetness in Every Warming Sip."


130.00 Nu.

"Decadent, Rich, Creamy - A Blissful Chocolate Escape in Every Sip."

Espresso (single/Double)

50.00 Nu.

"Bold Energy in Every Sip: Dive into the Richness of Single or Double Espresso, Aroma and Flavor Galore!"

Flat White

70.00 Nu.

"Smooth and Velvety: Embrace the Perfect Harmony of Espresso and Steamed Milk in a Luxurious Flat White Experience!"


70.00 Nu.

"Robust Simplicity: Enjoy the Pure Essence of Espresso and Hot Water, Crafted to Perfection in Every Sip of an Americano!"

Espresso macchiato

70.00 Nu.

"Subtle Perfection: Experience the Artful Balance of Espresso 'Stained' with Just a Touch of Velvety Steamed…

Cold Coffee

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Iced Latte

100.00 Nu.

"Chilled Elegance, Every Refreshing Sip a Perfectly Smooth Symphony."

ICED Chocolate

100.00 Nu.

"Chill Out with Decadent Chocolate Bliss in Every Icy Sip."

cold Brew

100.00 Nu.

"Bold, Smooth Energy Served Cold, Every Sip Revives the Soul."

cold americano

100.00 Nu.

"Chill your day with a bold, invigorating Cold Americano Coffee."

Ice cappuccino

70.00 Nu.

"Chill with Elegance: Revel in the Frothy Goodness of an Icy Cappuccino, Perfectly Balanced for a Refreshing Indulgence!"

Black Tea

60.00 Nu.

"Timeless Elegance in Every Steeped Sip of Pure Black Tea."

Green Tea

60.00 Nu.

"Refresh and Revitalize with Nature's Green Elixir in Every Cup."

English Breakfast Tea

60.00 Nu.

"Start Your Day with a Robust, Invigorating English Breakfast Brew."

Honey Lemon Tea

90.00 Nu.

"Soothing Citrus Harmony Infused with Sweetness in Every Honeyed Sip."

Earl Grey Tea

50.00 Nu.

"Refined Elegance in a Cup: Delight in the Citrusy Aroma and Subtle Bergamot Flavor of Earl Grey Tea, a Timeless Classic!"


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Vegetrain Breakfast set

200.00 Nu.

"Wholesome Morning Delight: Nourishing, Fresh, and Plant-Powered Breakfast Set."

Combo Breakfast

499.00 Nu.

"Kickstart Your Day with a Perfectly Paired Combo Breakfast Platter."

Seasonal fresh Cut Fruit

110.00 Nu.

"Indulge in the Season's Best: Freshly Cut Fruit Delights Await!"

Waffles with Whipped Cream

195.00 Nu.

"Morning Bliss: Golden Waffles Crowned with Fluffy Whipped Cream!"

Cheese Omelet

115.00 Nu.

"Fluffy Perfection: Savory Cheese Omelet to Satisfy Your Cravings!"

Nak Thup (Vag/Non-vag)

95.00 Nu.

"Comfort in a Bowl: Delicious and Nutritious Porridge for Any Time of Day!"


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Strawberry Shakes

110.00 Nu.

"Indulge in Bliss: Luscious Strawberries Whirled into Creamy Elixirs, Perfectly Sweetened, Creating Joyful Moments,…

Pomegranate Shakes

110.00 Nu.

"Experience the Tangy Splendour: Pomegranate, Nature's Jewel, Captured in Every Juicy, Refreshing Sip."

Chocolate Shakes

110.00 Nu.

"Indulge in Decadence: Rich, Creamy Chocolate Shake Delight, a 20-Calorie Blissful Treat for Your Senses!"

Passion Fruit shakes

110.00 Nu.

"Experience Tropical Paradise: Sip into Refreshing Passion Fruit Shakes, Bursting with Exotic Flavors and Irresistible…

Mango Lassi

120.00 Nu.

"Savor the Exotic: Heavenly Mango Lassi Shakes, a Fusion of Creamy Yoghurt, Ripe Mangoes, and Delicate Spices in Every…

Pomegranate lassi

120.00 Nu.

"Vibrant Bliss in a Glass: Pomegranate Lassi Shakes, a Fusion of Tart Pomegranate and Creamy Yoghurt, Bursting with…

Oreo Shakes

110.00 Nu.

"Indulge in Cookie Heaven: Irresistibly Creamy Oreo Shakes, Packed with Chunks of the Iconic Chocolate Sandwich Cookie…

Passion Fruit lassi

120.00 Nu.

"Tropical Fusion Delight: Experience the Tangy Sweetness of Passion Fruit in a Creamy, Refreshing Lassi Blend!"


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Blue Lemonade

70.00 Nu.

"Summer Cool in a Glass: Sip on the Vibrant Zing of Blue Lemonade, a Refreshing Twist on Classic Citrus Refreshment!"

Lemon mint Breeze

70.00 Nu.

"Zesty Euphoria: Embrace the Crisp Harmony of Lemon and Mint, Crafting a Refreshing Breeze in Every Sip!"

tamarind Lemonade

70.00 Nu.

"Tangy Twist Delight: Experience the Unique Fusion of Tamarind and Zesty Lemonade, a Refreshing Burst of Sweet and…

Ice coke

30.00 Nu.

"Chilled Classic: Quench Your Thirst with the Cool, Effervescent Joy of an Ice-Cold Coca-Cola, Timeless and Refreshing!"

Strawberry Lemonade

70.00 Nu.

"Summer Symphony: Revel in the Perfect Harmony of Sweet Strawberries and Tangy Lemonade, a Refreshing Burst of Sunshine!"

Black Tea lemonade

70.00 Nu.

"Lively Fusion: Experience the Perfect Blend of Robust Black Tea Infused with Zesty Lemonade, A Harmonious Quencher!"