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Strawberry Shakes

110.00 Nu.

"Indulge in Bliss: Luscious Strawberries Whirled into Creamy Elixirs, Perfectly Sweetened, Creating Joyful Moments,…

Pomegranate Shakes

110.00 Nu.

"Experience the Tangy Splendour: Pomegranate, Nature's Jewel, Captured in Every Juicy, Refreshing Sip."

Chocolate Shakes

110.00 Nu.

"Indulge in Decadence: Rich, Creamy Chocolate Shake Delight, a 20-Calorie Blissful Treat for Your Senses!"

Passion Fruit shakes

110.00 Nu.

"Experience Tropical Paradise: Sip into Refreshing Passion Fruit Shakes, Bursting with Exotic Flavors and Irresistible…

Mango Lassi

120.00 Nu.

"Savor the Exotic: Heavenly Mango Lassi Shakes, a Fusion of Creamy Yoghurt, Ripe Mangoes, and Delicate Spices in Every…

Pomegranate lassi

120.00 Nu.

"Vibrant Bliss in a Glass: Pomegranate Lassi Shakes, a Fusion of Tart Pomegranate and Creamy Yoghurt, Bursting with…

Oreo Shakes

110.00 Nu.

"Indulge in Cookie Heaven: Irresistibly Creamy Oreo Shakes, Packed with Chunks of the Iconic Chocolate Sandwich Cookie…

Passion Fruit lassi

120.00 Nu.

"Tropical Fusion Delight: Experience the Tangy Sweetness of Passion Fruit in a Creamy, Refreshing Lassi Blend!"